Remember: Thalia – Amarillo azul

Amarillo azul was the 3rd single released from Thalia’s debut album as a solo artist. Although an official video was never filmed, she made lots of TV appearances performing this song. Here’s one of them, from 1991.

Even though it’s been so many years since this song was recorded, I still find it pretty catchy, the beat somehow makes me think of it as an intro song for a cartoon show (I wonder where I got that thought from :D) and I love the saxophone part. It’s a fun performance, enjoy!

Remember: Thalia – Pienso en ti

Some info: This was the fourth single from her 1990 debut album, Thalía.

Two decades ago, but even so, this song will never get old. In fact, none of Thalia’s songs will ever get old. 🙂

I really love the atmosphere of this video and the sound of the saxophone is absolutely wonderful. Enjoy!

Remember: Thalia – Besame mucho

Live in Argentina, 1998

Remember: Thalia – Tu eres mi vida (The time of my life)

I’ve thought of creating a new category on my blog, called Remember. Although for me it’s not really a “remember”, since it’s mostly the first time I watch these videos, for those of you who have been Thalia’s fans for many, many years now, it’s gonna be a way of remembering some of her songs and performances from back then. For those of you who are more like me,  it will be a great way of discovering parts of Thalia’s career that have been unknown to you until now.

So here’s the first video, Tu eres mi vida (The time of my life). – Spain 1991. Enjoy!

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