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While I was too busy to write on my blog, Erika was busy editing her Thalía World Magazine, 6 issues to be more exact! Check them out!

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It’s official! Laura Pausini feat. Thalia – Sino a ti



It’s happening! The Thalia + Laura Pausini duet has been confirmed! Laura has announced that she will be part of the next season of La Voz Mexico and that:

On occasion of this participation, there will also be the release of 20 GRANDES EXITOS, the Spanish version of 20 The Greatest Hits, in a brand new edition enriched with 3 totally unreleased duets:

– “Sino a ti” with Thalia
– “Donde quedo solo yo” with Alex Ubago
– “Entre tu y mil mares” with Melendi


The two have been giving out clues since June, when Laura first posted this: (and it didn’t even cross my mind that it could be Thalia):

A week later, Thalia basically gave it away by posting the Italian flag emoji with this: (and that’s when I was like “OMG I hope it’s Laura Pausini, it must be her!” …but some people started saying that the emoji might have been used to represent the Mexican flag, so I decided not to get such high hopes …but then Thalia followed Laura on Instagram and I was like “IT HAS TO BE HER!” ok I’m gonna stop now :D)

Finally, Laura posted this: (aaaaaaawww ♥):

And now thanks to the official announcement we know that the song is “Sino a ti”, which was already part of Laura’s first edition of “20 The Greatest Hits”. This song means a lot to Laura, proof being the heartwarming video she filmed for it, which shows the life long love story of her parents, and the fact that she chose Thalia to sing it with her just makes my heart melt…


I can’t wait to listen to it! Having two of your favorite artists sing together is simply priceless. As I was writing this post I remembered the one I wrote last year, titled “Thalia feat. female singer?“… guess who was my first option regarding a possible duet ? Yep, Laura Pausini. 🙂

Until the duet comes out (as the first radio single), let’s listen to the original song:

Update: Here’s the official audio! PS: Read my post about it too!

What has Thalia been up to lately? (7)

Helloooooooooooo! 😀

It’s time for another “What has Thalia been up to lately?” post! We’ve got a lot of catching up to do, so let’s get started!

– Thalia at the 2014 Costume Institute Gala – 


photo: JustJared

Back in May, Thalia and Tommy attended the renown Met Gala, where Thalia did not disappoint with her look, which was as memorable as all her previous ones (see this post for more on that). Fabulous blonde hair + lovely makeup + stunning Tommy Hilfiger gown + a big smile = ♥

Thalia posted a lot of photos on her Instagram account, like:

1. The selfie she took with non other than Rihanna:


2. This photo that generated a lot of mean articles and even a trending topic on Twitter, as some people were under the impression that the photographers didn’t know who she was / simply ignored her *rolling eyes*


3. This hilarious photo that solves the mystery of how stars make it to fancy events without a single wrinkle on their clothes hahaha


 – Thalia working on her new album –

Over the past months, Thalia has been working hard on her next album, due to be released at the beginning of 2015. The dream team (Thalia, Paul Forat and Armando Avila) has reunited once again, creating magic and having tons of fun in Thalia’s personal studio. She also wrote some songs with Marcela de la Garza and Jose Luis Ortega Castro.

Not long ago, Thalia revealed that she was working on a surprise for a dear friend of hers and that a duet is on its way, raising speculations on who that friend might be. All we know is that she’s from Mexico… or Italy haha and that soon after she posted the news, upon seeing a fan made collage of her and Laura Pausini, she followed Laura on Instagram. On the oher hand, Laura has also been talking about a duet with who is most likely a Spanish-speaking artist. Coincidence? If on both times she was referring to the same duet, then we know it’s going to be of one of her songs. I’m going to be really disappointed if it is indeed just a coincidence, and if that’s the case, they need to get together and make a duet happen!

– The mysterious trip to Paris –

Thalia’s also been working on a secret project, for which she traveled to Paris shortly after the Met Gala. Although it was a business trip, she took some time to be a tourist as well. I was very intrigued by what she was working on as I thought it was some sort of a photography project, but apparently she recently said during an interview that it’s a documentary about the story of an important personality, possibly Marie Antoinette (you can read more about that here). Looking forward to whatever she has in store for us!

– El bullying no es un juego – 


Thalia and her friend Yolanda Andrade started an awareness campaign called “El bullying no es un juego” (Bullying is not a game), as “Mexico is the country with the highest number of cases of bullying in schools”. They counted with the support of hundreds of artists, actors, journalists, sportsmen etc and even fans, who all took photos holding a sign with that message. You can check them out here.

– Thalia at the Cosmopolitan for Latinas “Fun, Fearless Awards” –


Uh, sassy!

At the beginning of June, Thalia attended the Cosmopolitan for Latinas “Fun, Fearless Awards”, where she received the “Re-inventor of the year” award (I have no idea what that means :D) and hang out with her buddy Perez Hilton, among others.


photo via

– Thalia at the Tony Awards –

Soon after that, Thalia and Tommy attended the Tony Awards, looking great as always!


 Loved this black & white photo! via


She’s so sweet! ♥ photo via

– Thalia did what?! –


During the World Cup, Thalia was a huge supporter of Mexico (obviously) and during the team’s match with Brazil she asked the goalkeeper, Guillermo Ochoa, to marry her… well, kind of 😛 While the media all over the world (and I mean ALL OVER THE WORLD) went crazy with her “Marry me!“, she later explained that it wasn’t a marriage proposal, it was just an American saying.

Ok, ok. What I don’t buy though is her huge surprise at what those two words generated 😛 Come on, of course everyone took it as a marriage proposal and had to write about it!


Speaking of the World Cup, Thalia almost got in trouble for posting a photoshop-ed image of her and the Mexican flag. People, you need to relax! LOL

– The release of Viva Kids in the US – 

July 23rd marked the release of Thalia’s children’s album in the US, for which she used all sorts of cool resources to make a powerful promotion campaign:

  1. Q&A with Billboard
  2. Buzzfeed interview (I still haven’t recovered from that haha)
  3. Facebook chat with fans (straight from the Facebook headquarters!)
  4. Google+ Hangout (organized by, I got overly excited thinking it was going to be a personal one…)
  5. CNN interview
  6. Playdate with bloggers
  7. Many other interviews

– Thalia’s vacation in paradise –

After all that hard work, Thalia and her family + Tommy Hilfiger’s family all went on a well-deserved holiday in paradise. Travelling on a luxurious yacht, they visited places like Saint-Tropez, Corsica and Capri. Needless to say, Thalia’s photos are absolutely breathtaking and delightful!

While in Italy, she took some time to meet some of her fans, which if you follow me on Twitter you know it’s a… delicate topic for me 😐 (Thalia, if you’re reading this, please start reading my DMs too from now on, ok? Thank you.)

Aaaaand we’re up to date! Thalia is currently back in the Conexion Thalia studio, preparing season 2 of her Youtube series “Asi es como lo hacemos” and doing God knows how many other things.

Sorry for not posting anything in such a long time, hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that it makes up for my absence here on the blog. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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