Audio: Thalia – Vuélveme a Querer


Thalia’s new single – Vuélveme a Querer – is here!! I hope you have some tissues close by, cause it will hit you right in the feels.

As you may or may not know, I fell in love with Thalia’s music thanks to No me enseñaste and later on, Equivocada. If I had to make a “Top 10 favorite Thalia songs”, most of them would probably be ballads, not only because of my personality and taste in music, but mostly because Thalia’s ballads are EPIC.

In my opinion ballads are Thalia’s forte, the way she performs them is so emotional and touching, she pours her heart and soul into these songs and they easily go straight to yours.

Vuélveme a Querer is so special and powerful, I love how intense it gets towards the end (and I hope we’ll get to hear a live performance soon, cause it would be incredible!) and the lyrics, well… they are heartbreaking… but also hopeful.

I have been obsessed with this song from the moment I heard the preview, so if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go listen to it on repeat forever… I mean, at least until Latina comes out! 🙂

Here’s the official audio on Deezer!

Update: the audio is now available on ThaliaVEVO

PS: Is it just me, or does Thalia look different on this cover?

Romania is (still) mesmerized by Thalia

As a fan of an artist, actor, entertainer etc, you want to share your love and admiration for that certain person with as many people as possible. You want them to see what you see, to appreciate and praise the same things that you do and the more popular and successful that person is, the prouder you are.

As you already know, Thalia is not a stranger in Romania. She entered our lives many years ago with her telenovelas, the radios used to play some of her songs back in the day and she still makes the news to this day.

Now, I could present this in two ways:

1. brag about the fact that the Latin diva Thalia is known and loved in a small European country like Romania and make this an exciting and super positive post, like who-hoo, this is awesome! (and don’t get me wrong, it is)… or

2. brag about the fact that the Latin diva Thalia is known and loved in a small European country like Romania, but also point out the problems I see with this

Since this is a personal blog where I like to share my thoughts, I obviously chose option no. 2

See, the thing is, whenever I find out that some Romanian TV channel or newspaper posted or said something about Thalia, I get happy and excited, for the reasons I explained above. So I was really glad when my friend Erika told me about the recent appearances that Thalia had in the media. But then it hit me, it’s always the same thing.

The Romanian media is mesmerized by the fact that Thalia looks incredible at 41, 43, 44 and so on and that’s ALL they seem to care about. Thalia releases a new music video for a great song and what’s the headline? “The beautiful actress, Thalia, has found the fountain of youth” or “Thalia refuses to grow old”. I mean, I don’t blame them, if you read my previous posts you’ll see that I always talk about how gorgeous Thalia is, but come on people, focus a little bit on the music as well, will you?

Exhibit A:

Here they start talking about the way she looks and then mention that she released a new music video, but immediately go back to the looks and the eternal debate, is it all natural or has she had plastic surgeries? ugh.

Exhibit B:

Now this is more like it, they make it about the music video FIRST and then mention the looks. But wait, I just realized that this TV channel is actually from the Republic of Moldova, it looks like our brothers/neighbors are better at this than we are 😀

Special mention:

Even Thalia’s special bond with Pikachu has caught some attention! hahaha Kudos to this TV channel for showing this part of Thalia’s life to their audience without even mentioning her looks! This actually gives me some kind of hope.

That being said, I am glad that the media still keeps track of Thalia and finds moments to talk about her, I just wish two things:

1. That they’d start focusing even more on the music, maybe that way the radio stations would also gain more interest in playing her songs (that’s another story…)

2. That they’d finally learn the correct way to pronounce her name, it’s Thalía, not Talia!! So annoying.


Here’s a pic of a tiny mention in the newspaper the other day, guess what the headline was 😛


Thanks Erika for the videos and for giving me the idea for this post 🙂

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