Thalia at Teleton USA 2013


photo: Univision

After participating in Mexico’s Teleton at the end of November, it was no surprise that Thalia also joined the cause in New York, performing “Tomame o dejame” in front of a small audience, on a cold December night.



She looked beautiful as always, with a Christmasy look given by the “red velvet lips”, nail polish and boots 🙂



I thought I’d post the TV video of the performance, but then I found a couple of front row ones from the people in the crowd and they made me feel like I was there too, so here’s the HD one:

I love that I can hear the sound of her heels on the ground hehe

Also, check out this cool (no pun intended) video  as they were waiting to go live, you can totally see that she was freezing, but she was so nice to everyone, paid attention to the people who went there to see her, made jokes and animated the crowd. Oh, you know me, these little things always make me love her even more ♥

Bonus video: watch Thalia say hello to the people in the audience, taking selfies with them etc 😀

Thalia at Premios Juventud 2013

After the great time Thalia had in Aspen last week, she traveled to Miami for the highly anticipated Premios Juventud, which took place last night.

The day before the show, Thalia went to the rehearsals wearing a provocative yet classy outfit and showing off her nice tan 😀 She also gave a couple of interviews and spent some quality time with the guys from MDCThalia.

While people were saying things like “her body language says No soy el aire” or were hoping for a performance of Atmosfera or Ojala, Thalia stuck with her original song choice, Manias. Photo Gallery

She arrived on the red beach carpets looking gorgeous as always, her white dress + blonde hair = WIN! She’s a goddess, there’s no doubt about it!

photo courtesy of Huffington Post & Getty Images

And this is what PERFECTION looks like : Photo Gallery

Her performance was wind and mind-blowing (hehe), when it comes to this song Thalia always delivers a terrific performance (and not only this song, but for some reason I’m always in AWE when she performs Manias). She’s simply THE BEST!

(also, she looks better and hotter than any of her friends in this industry

– not giving names –

*caugh* J.Lo

I just had to say it!)

One thing I still can’t believe is that with 4 nominations, she didn’t get a single award. WTF! But I loved what she said during the red carpet interview: “You always nominate me, I never win them, but I LOVE being here!” She’s so full of energy and enthusiasm that nothing else matters! 🙂 She received a beautiful “Reina de Corazones” award on behalf of all of her fans and I bet that’s more special to her then any PJ award. 😉 Photo Gallery

Thanks NuestraThalia for the photos and HD video of the performance, you can find more HQ pics and videos of Thalia’s interviews here.

Thalia at Premio Lo Nuestro 2013


Like I said a couple of days ago, here’s my post about Thalia at the 25th edition of Premio Lo Nuestro, a moment we’ve all been waiting for!

Lady T in red looked beautiful on the red carpet in her glamorous long dress, she really knows how to make an appearance and look worthy of her “Empress of Beauty” title every time. Photo Gallery

Even more, the following photo proves that 10 years mean absolutely nothing to Thalia, she’s as young and as beautiful as always! Photo Gallery

I should also mention that she was received by MDC Miami the way she deserves to, with an unexpected rain of rose petals! How great is that? 🙂 Congrats to whoever came up with the idea!

Aaaaand here’s the performance of “Te perdiste mi amor” with Prince Royce:

I’m sure many people enjoyed it, but truth to be told, I’m not that impressed by it and I blame it on the song… Anyway, kudos for performing live 😀 and especially for the rose kiss ending! Although they stole it from me and I want it back!


Another thing worth mentioning is her interview for El Gordo y La Flaca, interrupted by Tommy Mottola in a hilarious way! Check it out:

Well, that’s about all! Thanks & Thalia-Diva for the photos & video.










PS: I’m still pretty bummed out because of this tweet:

It should have been my Journey to the past: Thalia at Premio Lo Nuestro post there…

but ok… *sigh*

Thalia – Manias: Live at La Voz Mexico 2

thanks ThaliaWorldNews for the FB video

Ladies and gentlemen, the award for Best Live Performance goes to… Thalia !!!

That’s what I’m talking about !!!  What an incredible, breathtaking performance! That’s THE VOICE!

After the Sabado Gigante & HS concert airing disappointments, watching this was so refreshing, so great, so… I’m speechless! I mean, WOW!

I honestly don’t know what else to say, I can’t find words good enough to match such an amazing thing… I can only say that to me, this is by far one of Thalia’s best performances EVER, if not the best one.

To sum it up in one word: PERFECT.



PS: Well, her performance was indeed perfect, but of course, something had to happen. The guys @ La Voz thought they should edit the full performance and cut out some parts, maybe thinking that no one will notice LOL. They even fooled me, but other fans were much more attentive to those details (like min 01:30 – 01:32, thanks @tsodicom). They should be ashamed.

PS2: You can download the HD video via or ThaliaWorldNews.

Live: Tony Bennett feat. Thalia – The way you look tonight

Tony Bennett is currently promoting his latest album – Viva Duets, and invited Thalia to perform live with him their duet, The way you look tonight, on an American morning show – the Today Show.

In case you missed it, you can watch here their performance:

A few thoughts on that? I was glad that Thalia got to sing one more time with him, and not just for the album, it must be great to have the opportunity to join him and perform with him not only in a studio, but also on a live show. I liked their chat in the beginning and especially in the end, talking about Tony’s Spanish hehe As for the performance, I think Thalia did an even better job live, she really gave that song her best and the result was beautiful, plus her stage presence was great!

PS: One thing I particularly liked was the “Y esa brisa, brisa de mar, llena mi, mi corazon” part, followed by the “uuuuh” I did not see that coming hahaha I even tweeted to her that I almost thought she was going for the “au!” from Marimar. 😀 Anyway, that moment was so adorable that I even had to capture it in a pic hihi:

Live: Thalia – Equivocada (Mas que baile)

Short introduction: As you may already know, I always forget about some of the post Categories I have on my blog, usually for months (I really have to do something about it!) 

This is the first video that popped into my mind when I finally thought about writing a Live post, mostly because it’s one of my favorite performances of Equivocada, and now I just can’t stop listening to it. I remember that the first time I watched it I found it so beautiful and heartfelt that it almost made me cry. I also love the last seconds, when the microphone was so far away and yet her voice sounded so powerful, that’s one of the things that always impress me in a live performance. (And just as a little detail, it’s nice to watch the couple dancing in the background too.)

What do you think of this performance? 🙂

Live: Thalia & Michael Bublé – Feliz Navidad (A Michael Bublé Christmas)

Last night, NBC aired A Michael Bublé Christmas, a special hosted by Michael Bublé, Thalia being one of his guests, for a performance of their duet Feliz Navidad/Mis deseos, featured on Michael’s Christmas album.

Now that’s what I’m talking about!!! A perfect live performance, their duet is just great, I LOVE this song sooooo much! Everyone knows Feliz Navidad, it’s one of the best Christmas songs in Spanish ever, but their version and the extra lyrics make it even better! And Thalia’s right, Michael’s Spanish is so sexy hehe! I loved their little dialogue before the song, it was absolutely adorable! I also loved their dance together, the orchestra, her interaction with the public, the whole atmosphere there, everything! Replay, replay, replay! 🙂

Also, here are two interviews that Thalia’s recently given, about this performance and Christmas.



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