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19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 160,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 8 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Thalia in 2012 (5) – Contests & Twitcams

This is my last post of the “Thalia in 2012” series, maybe I should have stopped at 4 haha but since I’ve got a lot to write about in this “category”, I couldn’t just forget about it. So, given their number, I’d say that 2012 has been the year of Twitter / Facebook contests and also of Twitcams (and other variations).

Although I didn’t participate in nearly any of Thalia’s contests – in spite of dreaming about having a signed copy of Cada dia mas fuerte or Primera Fila – I find this topic interesting and also think it’s a great way of getting to know more of Thalia’s fans and see the awesome things they can do, so here’s a look back at Thalia’s contests throughout 2012:

One of the contests organized by Thalia that got the most attention is definitely the #YogaPose, which started in January and had not 10, but 30 lucky winners:

February brought another fun contest, #CaraChistosa, Thalia being an expert at making funny faces in photos 😀

In March, F.A.N.S had to dress up as Thalia and the winners were once again, not 10, but 20! Here’s a video of the 80 finalists!

A few months later, in June, Thalia came up with another contest: Your Thalia Video Clip, a sequel to #MiDisfrazDeThalia, in which this time contestants had to make a video using one of Thalia’s songs. The creator of the best video was supposed to  receive a signed copy of CDMF and PF, but of course, Thalia chose more than one video, making it 5.

You’d think that’s all, but we have two more contests: #UnasMiBandera and ThaliaBFF in July. And I think that’s all 😀 Of course, Thalia hasn’t stopped with the contests, coming up every once in a while with new ideas, like asking people to send pictures of them doing specific things and recommending the one with the most favs 🙂

I really love how Thalia thought of these contests and of rewarding her F.A.N.S for all their love, at the same time making it fun for everyone, not to mention her generosity when it came to the moment of choosing the winners. I can only hope that in 2013 she’ll start new contests, cause a signed copy of Habitame Siempre would be great! 😀

“Twitcams” have also been a big part of Thalia’s relationship with her fans this year, since we’ve got the chance to watch her multiple times and even ask her questions live via webcam, not just tweets, thanks to the Vevo Ask:Reply and Google+ Hangout.

February was definitely special, as Thalia spent almost an hour on a Twitcam celebrating her 3 million followers on Twitter. You can re-watch it here or read all about it in my post: A night to remember: Thalia’s 3rd Twitcam

By June Thalia reached 4 million followers and with it she did another Twitcam, this time shorter – 17 mins – here’s my “review” 4 million hearts brought together by one person: Thalia

Septemeber brought the Vevo Ask:Reply chat and some lucky fans made their dreams come true by taking directly to Thalia 🙂

And finally, the Google+ Hangout, held at the beginning of December, gave fans another chance at having a conversation with Thalia:

2012 has been a great year for Thalia and us her F.A.N.S as well, hasn’t it? We’ve had some wonderful Performances, found out more about Thalia and her current project, Habitame Siempre, during the Interviews she gave, admired her beauty and elegance with the Events she attended and fell in love with her Magazine features and Instagram shots, while at the same time we’ve had fun participating in her contests and got closer to her thanks to video chats. We’re more than ready to welcome 2013 and all the good things that it will bring!


Thanks NuestraThalia, ThaliaDivameukafofo and Youtube/Vimeo users:

Renáron C’San.SpiKeGR25Andres MontesThaliaRemixesVEVONukito SakaëthalyrumaniaThaliaErunivisionentertaingraziela250thaliaesmividaThaliaNovelasAmor Sólo Música Romántica, Erika AlinaMDC Thalia OficialprogramaenvivoYéssica MorenoDaniel S
for providing the photos and videos used in this series of posts.

Also, thanks to everyone who RTed/shared these posts… and of course, thank you, Thalia, for everything.

Thalia in 2012 (4) – Magazine features and Instagram shots

Since for Thalia in 2011 posts I had a part called “Commercials and Magazine features” and Thalia hasn’t done any commercials this year (not that I know of), I thought I could change the title a little bit and do something different (thanks Mariel once again for the idea haha). Instagram has been a big part of Thalia’s life this past year, since the moment she started posting photos in April up to now, when she has over 600 pics, so for this post I chose 20 of the ones I like the most. But let’s first take a look at her magazine features, shall we? 🙂

Thalia’s been on the cover of three major magazines in 2012, first of them back in MayPeople en Español:

Inside the magazine we could also find two amazing photographs, here’s one of them:

Now we can jump all the way to December, when Thalia was featured on the covers of Caras and Glamour magazines:

Here’s a making of video from the Caras photo shoot, definitely the most impressive one:

Another couple of magazines worth mentioning are the latest issue of Fernanda and the article in Billboard:

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

as well as the covers of Amiga (Honduras) and Vida Latina (San Diego) – which are pretty much the same 😛

And now, let’s talk about Thalia’s photos on Instagram. As soon as you start checking them out, you just can’t not love them, whether it’s a pic of colorful cupcakes, a beautiful sunrise or a presentation of her outfit or nail polish of the day, they’re all very well taken and reflect her passion for photography. But what gets the attention the most are her self-portraits (or the pics in which she’s posing while somebody takes them for her), photos in which she looks like a teenager, does funny things and acts like a kid or amazes with her gorgeous smile, sincere eyes and incredible hair ♥ I instantly fell in love with these photos and I think any of them could easily be part of a magazine:

Thalia in 2012 (3) – Events

It’s time to continue my series of posts, so let’s take a look back at the events that Thalia attended this year!

When it comes to this topic, we could say that it’s been a very busy year for Thalia, as she attended an event / fundraiser / show almost every month :D, while in some cases only as a “guest”, in others she played a more important role.

So let’s see… we have two events in February, a fancy one – The Everglades Foundation Seventh Annual Benefit and a more special one: the awarding of Primera Fila for 500.000 sold copies (ok, it wasn’t a typical event, but I thought it’s worth mentioning).

A month later, in March, she and her husband enjoyed a night on Broadway, with Jesus Christ Superstar.

April brought four totally different events: The Revlon Concert For The Rainforest Fund 2012 (1), where Thalia took some pictures with Tom Hanks and Bill Clinton, the opening night of Evita on Broadway (2), for which she missed the red carpet arrivals because of the traffic and so we didn’t get a chance to admire many photos of her outfit, the grand opening of Jois Yoga Greenwich (3), as we all know that yoga is very important in her life, and finally and most importantly, the March for Babies (4) event, during which she showed her support for the babies and helped in the raise of money and awareness. Needless to say, Thalia and Tommy Mottola went together to almost every event.




NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery


Thalia then astonished everyone with her appearance at the People en Espanol: Los 50 mas bellos Gala in May. Words are not enough, so let’s just admire her outfit and look one more time:

Another moment worth mentioning is Thalia’s birthday in August, which she celebrated with her family and friends:

In September, Thalia and Tommy went to the Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2013 Women’s Collection fashion show

and the 3rd Annual Apollo benefit

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

In October, Thalia looked stunning while supporting another event for mothers and their babies, Pampers’ Mi musica, mi herencia concert.

And in November, the Mottola couple attended NBCUniversal’s Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together Relief Benefit:

NuestraThalia.com Photo Gallery

December has been an important month for Thalia’s music career, as her visit to Mexico for the promotion of her new album, Habitame Siempre involved an album signing with more than 2000 fans, as well as the awarding of the disc with Gold and Platinum certifications.

She also took some time to attend the Dubin Breast Center 2nd Annual Benefitwhere apparently she sang Enrique Iglesias’ song, Hero.

Phew, I think that’s all! Like I said, it’s been a busy year for Thalia 😀 it’s great to see her attend so many fundraisers as well as support other good causes and it’s always a pleasure to admire her outfits and stunning appearances on the red carpet. Although she missed a few galas that everyone was looking forward to, like Bette Midler’s Hulaween Gala or the Met Gala, she’s given us plenty of other events to talk about. 😉

PS: Sorry I didn’t comment on her outfits 😛

PS2: There are 2 more “Thalia in 2012” post to come!

Happy Holidays!


pic via

Happy Holidays, everyone! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas (here in Romania we celebrate it for 3 days hihi) and you’re getting ready for New Year’s celebration 😀

I just want to share a couple of things with you… first, that for me it’s become a tradition to watch Primera Fila at Christmas and I love taking a picture with the tree in the background, so here it is 😀


and second, that yesterday night, as I was watching a Christmas concert on TV, I was surprised to hear the artist and his guest start singing Mis deseos (Feliz Navidad) by Michael Buble & Thalia. Stefan Banica Jr. and Paula Seling are two famous Romanian artists and it was great for me to watch their unexpected performance. Here’s a recording I found on Youtube from one of Stefan’s concerts, hope you’ll like it 😉

That’s all for now, xoxo.

Thalia in 2012 (2) – Interviews

Hello again! Are you ready to go through Thalia’s 2012 interviews?? 😀 Here we go!

During Thalia’s first visit to Mexico this year, she had a long talk with Mara Patricia Castañeda for Hoy, the tribute to Chespirito, her book Cada dia mas fuerte and the reconciliation with her sister Laura being among the subjects. The interview was aired in March.

A couple of months later, in May, Thalia appeared on the cover of People en Espanol magazine, being one of the “50 mas bellos” and gave a few backstage interviews during the photo shoot:

The end of the month brought one of the most talked about interviews, especially by Thalia’s Brazilian fans, as she had a nice, long chat with Celso Portiolli for Domingo Legal:

That was about all for the beginning of the year, like I said in the previous post, Thalia took a break anticipating the release of Habitame Siempre, and it was only in SeptemberOctober when she started giving interviews again, as she opened up to Lili Estefan for El gordo y La Flaca and talked about the relationship with Laura and their grandmother, which had deteriorated in the past months. She then focused on the upcoming release of her album and avoided talking about family problems anymore.

December brought a ton of interviews, Thalia was busy promoting her new album – Habitame Siempre, during her second visit to Mexico she sat down and talked to various tv and radio hosts about this project. The most notable ones are definitely her interviews with Mara Patricia Castañeda, Javier Poza and Everardo Camacho:

You can watch here the rest of them: Luis Magana, Uno TV, Ventaneando, Experience 97.7, Digital 99.3, CNN Mexico (I’m sure I’ve missed some, cause there are so many!!, sorry about that :D)

Through interviews, fans can easily find out more about their favorite artists, get to know more details about the making of the projects they support and why not, some personal information from time to time. It’s great that Thalia is one of the artists that don’t forget the importance of such things and she’s always so nice and open about everything, making her interviews look more like a chat with a friend whom she hasn’t seen in a while, which also makes watching them even more enjoyable.

So, we’ve got Performances & Interviews, what’s next? I believe Events! Coming soon 😛

Thalia in 2012 (1) – Performances

It’s that time of the year again!! 🙂 I have to keep the tradition going and start my series of posts dedicated to Thalia’s activities throughout the year, so here’s the first post: Performances. Enjoy! 😉

2012 was definitely a good year when it comes to Thalia’s performances (especially in comparison with last year) as we’ve got to see her perform on various occasions, mostly towards the end of the year.

At the beginning of the year, in February, Thalia joined Dora the Explorer 😀 for a special song, called “Canta, canta, canta” / “Sing, sing sing”, a song that certainly delighted the little ones (and everyone who hasn’t abandoned their inner child) 🙂

That same month, she traveled to Mexico for another special moment, “America Celebra a Chespirito“, where she sang an original song composed especially for the event, titled “Gracias Chespirito”, and brought everyone to tears with her touching performance, when it was aired in March.

Thalia then took a slightly long break from the stage, as she dedicated the rest of the time to the finalization of her 11th studio album, Habitame Siempre.

September was certainly the highlight, since 3 years after the epic Primera Fila recording, fans were given the great opportunity to watch her perform again in a concert.

But it was only in October when the rest of us could watch her perform again, this time together with Tony Bennett, whom she joined for his new album, Viva Duets. The Today Show performance was absolutely lovely, Thalia proving once again the amazing artist she is.

It was at the end of the same month when we got to watch the first televised performance of Manias, Thalia’s first new single. Although it wasn’t a live performance, it’s still nice to watch 🙂

November was the month we finally got the chance to catch a glimpse at what the concert was like (although some of us didn’t enjoy it as much as we thought we would – yeah, I still can’t get got over it :D)

(Tomame o dejame & La apuesta are definitely worth watching, as they were among the few lucky ones that didn’t get edited :D)

By the end of the month, Thalia had joined Tony Bennett once again for a live performance, this time during Katie Couric’s show:

Finally, December brought one of Thalia’s most memorable performances ever, the incredible Manias interpretation during La Voz Mexico 2, with that wrapping with a huge, red bow the box of 2012 performances.

Stay tuned for the next post! Oh, and if you’ve missed the 2010 and 2011 posts, you can find them under the “Year-End Reviews” category. (thanks Mariel for the name idea :P)

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