I was checking out some blogs when these photos caught my eyes! What else can I say but YUMMY!

thanks http://thaliadaily.blog.cz for the photos


Commercial – Thalia for Head & Shoulders

We’ve seen the interview and a backstage video, now here’s the commercial!


Remember: Thalia – Tu eres mi vida (The time of my life)

I’ve thought of creating a new category on my blog, called Remember. Although for me it’s not really a “remember”, since it’s mostly the first time I watch these videos, for those of you who have been Thalia’s fans for many, many years now, it’s gonna be a way of remembering some of her songs and performances from back then. For those of you who are more like me,  it will be a great way of discovering parts of Thalia’s career that have been unknown to you until now.

So here’s the first video, Tu eres mi vida (The time of my life). – Spain 1991. Enjoy!

Zumba fitness on Thalia’s songs (2)

Remember the videos I showed you a while ago here? Got some more Zumba routines on Thalia’s songs, check them out! 🙂



Cover – Equivocada by Annie

Here’s a new cover I found on Youtube, I like her voice, her singing and the fact that she decided to sing this song in Spanish even if it’s not her first language.  She did a pretty good job!

Thalia tweeting?

Why is it that every time I see a picture like this, the first thing that comes to my mind is: “Hm… I wonder what she’s doing there, I bet she’s tweeting!” 😛

PS: Follow @Thalia on Twitter!

Captures – Thalia and H&S

Some captures from the backstage video and interview – Thalia and Head & Shoulders.

find more captures here, thanks Thalia-Diva

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