Journey to the past: Thalia’s “First Single”s (Part 2)

We continue our journey of Thalia’s “first single”s, click here if you haven’t seen the first part of this post!

In 2002, Thalia was releasing her second self-titled album and its first single was the smashing hit “Tu y Yo“, written by Estefano and Julio Reyes. The electric song is an invitation to cease the moment, to feel the love and let things follow their course without worrying about anything else .

The music video, filmed in The Bronx, is one of Thalia’s coolest and most badass ones, her aggressive, yet playful attitude mixes perfectly with the beats of the song. Also, did I forget to mention the awesome bike she rides and the electric guitar she plays? She even performs the song using two microphones!

In case you haven’t noticed until now, I prefer the actual live performances to the TV shows appearances where playback was dominant, so despite there’s a Billboard performance of Tu y Yo, I’d like to share this one instead:

A year later, Thalia released her first album in English, also self-titled 😀 and its first single, “I want you” feat. Fat Joe is Thalia’s first (and only, so far) song that made it to Billboard’s Hot 100. The song was written by Thalia and a team of people, namely Brenda Russell, Fat Joe, Corey Rooney, Davy Deluge and Gregory Bruno.

In the music video, also shot in The Bronx, Thalia catches men’s eyes as she walks down the street, chills in the park and at a basketball game and gets some flowers from an adorable kid, among other things, and everyone’s having a great time.

Thalia and Fat Joe performed the song live on Good Morning America:

The first single from Thalia’s next album, El Sexto Sentido, was “Amar Sin Ser Amada“, written by Estefano and Jose Luis Pagan. The song is dedicated to all the women who’ve loved without being loved back, encouraging them to move on and learn from the experience.

Any music video in which Thalia wears a leather jacket is an epic video and Amar Sin Ser Amada doesn’t disappoint. Thalia’s firm and unforgiving attitude, the scenes that reflect the lyrics and her performance, along with the background shots are some of the elements that make this video great. Also, notice the snippets of lyrics on the screen, Thalia was doing lyric videos back when they weren’t even a thing 😀

Here’s a live performance of the song in Spain, back in 2005:

Thalia’s 10th studio album and the last one released with EMI Music was Lunada, “Ten Paciencia“, written by Descemer Bueno, Magilee Alvarez and Cynthia Salazar being the first single. Fun fact that I just found out about: the single was chosen by fans through a poll on

For someone whose first language isn’t Spanish, at a first glance this song may seem to be about the well-known phrase: “Good things come to those who wait.” but if you pay more attention to the lyrics, there’s a whooooole different story there. And you know how in MeatLoaf’s song “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” most people wonder what “that” is supposed to be? The same applies to Thalia’s “eso no, eso no, eso no te lo voy dar” hahaha and that’s all I’m gonna say about that 😀

The music video (in which fans also had the opportunity to participate) is a colorful one, showing a beach party under the moonlight (= a lunada).

Here’s Thalia’s performance of the song at Premios Juventud in 2009:

We’re getting closer to the present with Habitame Siempre and “Manias“, released in 2012 (I still can’t believe it was two years ago). I’ve written so many times about this song here on my blog that I don’t think there’s anything new I could say about it, so… feel free to check out my previous posts! 😀

At the beginning of this year, Thalia surprised everyone with her first children’s album, Viva Kids Vol. 1 (which got a Latin Grammy nomination!), its first single being “Vamos a Jugar“, a cheerful song with a country vibe. Watch out, AALM European Remix, there’s a new choreography in town! 😛

Aaaaaand that’s about all, we’ve reached the beautiful “Por Lo Que Reste De Vida“, the first single from Thalia’s upcoming studio album, Amore Mio – the 13th one of her career. The music video is one of the best Thalia’s released so far and looking back at “Un Pacto Entre Los Dos“, it’s almost hard to believe that it’s the same artist. Thalia has done it all and somehow she still manages to come up with new things and surprise us every time, which makes me even more excited about the future!

Special mentions: I obviously can’t leave out the first singles from Thalia’s live albums, namely “Equivocada” (Primera Fila, 2009), which is the highlight of Thalia’s growth as an artist and “La Apuesta” feat. Erik Rubin (Viva Tour En Vivo, 2013), one of her best duets.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed this Journey to the past!

Journey to the past: Thalia’s “First Single”s (Part 1)

As Thalia is about to release her 13th studio album, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at her previous ones and see how her music evolved throughout the years by looking at the first singles released from each album.

Thalia’s career as a solo artist began with her self-titled album released in 1990 by Fonovisa Records. The first single was “Un Pacto Entre Los Dos“, a pop-rock song written by Thalia and Alfredo Diaz Ordaz.

The lyrics are like a guide to what one should do to a lover: “abduct him, tie him up, hit him, enjoy his pain, bite him, hurt him, punish him, share his passion, grab him, tear him up, whip him, the heart suffers, calm yourself, touch him, pamper him, a love song” everything being consensual, as it’s “a pact between us”.

It’s no wonder that the song was criticized and labeled as sadomasochistic. Thalia addressed this in her book – Growing Stronger, saying:

Back then, singing about secretions in lyrics such as “Your saliva intoxicates me; come here and sweat with me” and, even worse, sadomasochistic themes such as the ones described in “Un Pacto Entre los Dos” sparked a huge controversy. And add that to my determination to revive the “flower power” trend, which was the symbol of youthful independence that came out of the sixties. The truth is that my entire being longed to break from anything traditional; I wanted to express myself in my own way, and to find my own voice. It is also possible that somehow, unconsciously, I wanted to break the invisible chains that my mother had locked me in out of love, as did the career where I had left my childhood and part of my adolescence that yearned and screamed for its freedom.

(I guess Fifty Shades of Grey should feature this song on its soundtrack 😀 )

The music video is presented as a dream that Thalia is having, in which she gets off a badass plane in the middle of nowhere, in an area populated by a tribe of cannibals that hunt her down and eventually capture her. In between, we have scenes with some strongly colored, hypnotizing backgrounds, in which Thalia wears different flowery outfits.

Thalia performed the song on various popular TV shows, the most viewed one on Youtube being from Siempre en Domingo:

Next we have Mundo de Cristal, released a year later by the same record label. The first single was “Sudor“, written this time by Alfredo Diaz Ordaz alone. The lyrics describe some situations in which sweat is the protagonist 😀 like a hot day with no air conditioning, a passionate night… on the dance floor 😛 and in the life of people like artists, sportsmen, winners and losers, who all have to work hard and sweat to reach triumph.

The song never had an official music video, but this performance,  in which Thalia revealed her sexiness aaand most of her body on a yacht, is the closest thing to one:

As with “Un Pacto Entre Los Dos”, the song was presented in various shows, Thalia’s outfits also having different flower elements.

Thalia’s third album, Love, was released in 1992 and its first single, “Sangre“, is one of the most iconic songs in her career and Latin music in general. The song is a love ballad that Thalia wrote and dedicated to Diaz Ordaz, whom she had been in a relationship with and who unfortunately passed away soon after that. As Thalia shares in Growing Stronger, they were “kindred spirits” and even after they ended things, their connection “was so deep that we continued to attract each other like a couple of magnets. Even though in my soul I wanted nothing other than to be with him for the rest of my life, in my mind I knew it was simply impossible.” The lyrics of the song focus on remembering the good things of a relationship that ended and reflect Thalia’s words from the book, showing that even though two people can’t be together they’ll always love and long for each other.

The music video comes in two versions, you can watch the first one here, but I personally prefer the second one:

Thalia looks smoking hot in that… dress inspired by the cover of the album and she’s playing with fire 😀

When it comes to live performances, here’s one you should not miss, from Thalia’s 1997 concert in Manila:

We continue with En Extasis, Thalia’s first album released with EMI Music, in 1995. The first single, “Piel Morena“, written by Kike Santander, had an incredible international success. In Growing Stronger, Thalia recalls how she was introduced to the song and gave life to it:

As we looked at all the awards and recognitions, Emilio walked in and greeted us. “I have a song that I want you to sing. It was for Gloria, but I don’t know why the song screams ‘Thalia’ every time I hear the lyrics.” He flashed me that ample smile, and on his sound system, which took up an entire wall from floor to ceiling, with speakers of every size and the most sophisticated sound equipment that I had ever seen, he played the first chords of the song. I could feel all the hairs on my body stand up, from my feet to my head… It was “Piel Morena”. […] Half an hour later the man whom we were waiting for arrived. I reviewed the song two or three times, he corrected a few of my notes, and there, before everyone’s stunned eyes, “Piel Morena” was born, and became one of my most successful worldwide hits.

The lyrics are a declaration of love and passion to someone who stirs up those emotions through everything he is and does. The music video, mostly in black and white, is one of Thalia’s most epic ones, as she shows off a series of spectacular and innovative bras 😀

Here’s a live performance of the song from 1996 in Peru:

In 1997, Thalia released one of the best albums of her career, “Amor a la Mexicana”. The first single, having the same title, was written by Mario Pupparo and will always be Thalia’s most popular song, you can’t say “Thalia” and not think of “Amor a la Mexicana” and you can’t say “Amor a la Mexicana” without thinking of Thalia.

The lyrics and the music video don’t need any commentary, they both scream Mexico, love, passion… ehm, is it getting hot in here? 😛

The video for the European remix is always a must-see, that choreography is priceless!

When it comes to performances, Thalia clearly knew how to put on a grandiose show:

Arrasando, Thalia’s sixth studio album was released in 2000, with “Entre el mar y una estrella“, written by Marco Flores, as its first single. The song brought Thalia her first no.1 on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart.

The lyrics express the pain of losing someone and missing them, as well as a promise of forever lasting love.

In the music video, we see Thalia looking more beautiful and peaceful than ever, on a set composed of stars and water, or feeding the moon some magic golden stardust (if you’ve ever wondered what the secret of her youth and beauty is, now you have the answer 😛 )

Here’s a terrific live performance of the song on Otro Rollo:

Well, we’ve gone through the first half of our journey, if you want to continue, click here for the second part of this post!


Journey to the past: Thalia and pink

No, I’m not talking about P!nk (although I wish I were :D), but about Thalia’s history with pink, an idea that occurred to me thanks to her recent photo shoot for People en Espanol. Let’s get to it! 😀


I guess one of the first major things when it comes to Thalia’s history with pink goes all the way back to 1992, when she released her third studio album, Love, one of the tracks being “La vida en rosa”, a Spanish version of Edith Piaf’s classic, “La vie en rose”. She did a lot of televised performances of the song back then, all including what else if not pink outfits and pink sets (yes, you’re gonna read the word pink a lot!) Here are some of them:


Let’s go to 1999, when Thalia was Rosalinda in the telenovela with the same name (in Spanish, rosa means rose, but also pink – in case you didn’t know that hahaha) We would often (?) see Rosalinda wear a small pink rose at her ear, her make-up had pink tones and on stage, she would perform wearing sumptuous pink outfits.


She also performed the song on “Gala de la Hispanidad”, wearing, of course, pink 😀

Later on, in 2002 and 2003, Thalia wore pink more casually at events like the promo of her album “Thalia” (2002) in Spain or the launch of her Thalia Sodi Collection at Kmart, here are a couple of pics:


2002 Photo Gallery


Now, since I said that this post was inspired by Thalia’s “Ponte Bella” photo shoot, I also have to say that the idea not only came from the pink color, but also from Thalia’s impersonation of Barbie, which reminded me of the “Thalia” doll she did in one of her performances (in a pink box!) I for one prefer the latter 😀


But Thalia didn’t use pink only in her performances, we can also find it on the covers of some of her albums, like Mundo de Cristal (1991), Arrasando (2000) or El Sexto Sentido: Reloaded (2006).




Around the same years I mentioned above, she also used pink in her videos, some of them being “No me ensenaste” (2002), Cerca de ti (2003) and Ten paciencia (2009).
Oh, and I almost forgot, Ensename a vivir (2010)

Thalia’s also taken pink to the red carpet (especially recently), wearing beautiful dresses and even delicious cupcakes 😀


Promo “Un pacto entre los dos” (1990) Photo Gallery

“Lunada” Release Pary (2008)

Hugh Jackman

Hulaween Party (2010) Photo Gallery

Premios Cadena Dial (2013)

Well, this post turned into “Thalia and 50 shades of pink” hahaha of course there are more pink things I could have mentioned, but I think you got the point: pink has definitely been part of Thalia’s career throughout the years, whether we’re talking about her performances, her albums and videos, her outfits and make-up or her photo shoots. And it looks great on her!

Hope you liked this post, feel free to add more pink info if I’ve left out your favorite Thalia pink moments or leave suggestions of what my next “Journey to the past” post should be! (maybe “Thalia and red”? haha)

PS: pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink 😀

Thanks (and the Internet) for providing the pics used in this post.

Journey to the past: Thalia at Premio Lo Nuestro

As you already know, Thalia’s one of the confirmed artists for this year’s edition of Premio Lo Nuestro, in only two days we’ll be able to see her perform with Prince Royce their new hit, “Te Perdiste Mi Amor”, but until then, I thought we could take a look back at her moments at PLN throughout the years.

PLN started in 1989 and was created by Univision, honoring the best Latin artists of the year. Thalia’s first nomination came in 1998 in the Artista Femenina category, which she also won. Since then, she’s been nominated 28 more times and won 5 other awards.

Later edit: I knew I must have left out something important, thanks to my friend @spike_23 for providing the info about Thalia’s presence at PLN in 1995 and 1996!

In 1995, Thalia handed over the awards to artists like Juan Gabriel, Luis Miguel and Julio Iglesias.



In 1996, it was Gloria Estefan who received an award from Thalia’s hands (now I think that made the 2010 moment even more special) and Thalia also performed “Piel Morena”.




Since I can’t seem to find any pics or videos from 1998 (maybe she didn’t attend?) let’s go to 2001, when out of 3 nomination, she received the Artista del pueblo award.

Red carpet: Photo Gallery

Speech (look at that hair! hehe her speech was pretty cool too, far from the usual boring ones people tend to give :D):

Performance (not a live one 😛 but since she put her Arrasando video on stage, it’s understandable):

A year later, Thalia got 3 nominations once again, out of which she won the Artista femenina de música regional mexicana award.

In 2003, Thalia received the Género pop (Audiencia internet) award and performed her hit “A quien le importa”.

Red carpet (nice pose ♥): Photo Gallery


Performance (interesting entrance & outfits 😀 and uhm.. what’s happening at min 2:04? LOL):

In 2004 Thalia gave one of my all time favorite performances, with “No me ensenaste”. Such a shame that the song didn’t get the Canción del año award…

Red carpet: Photo Gallery


In 2007, her duet with Romeo Santos, “No no no”, got her the award for Canción del año, but apparently she didn’t attend either…

Finally, 2010 brought one of the most memorable moments, as Thalia received the “Jóvenes con Legado” award from her longtime friend Gloria Estefan, which was really emotional… and she also gave one of the most epic performances so far.

Red carpet: Photo Gallery



Well, this only took an hour to write. I left out most of her nominations, but I think gathering all her red carpet appearances, speeches and performances that I could find is more than enough 😀 Let me know which was your favorite moment! 😉

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, I’m looking forward to writing one about
Thalia at PLN 2013!


Thanks for the photos, to all the Youtube users that uploaded the videos I used and Wikipedia for the info.

Journey to the past: Thalia as one of People en Espanol’s “Los Mas Bellos”

Last time I invited you on a “Journey to the past” we discovered together (or remembered) how Thalia’s website changed throghout the years. Today I’m going to talk to you about something different, but using that same idea. Since this year Thalia has been named, for the 9th time, one of the 50 most beautiful people by the People en Espanol magazine, I thought it would be great to take a look back at her previous appearances in the same special issue that has been part of this magazine for the past 14 years.

People en Espanol started the tradition in 1998, back then only “25 bellezas” were chosen. 27 year-old Thalia was one of them, by that time she had already released 5 studio albums and starred in the Marias Trilogy, her beauty being well-known by millions of people worldwide. Her photo was on the cover of the magazine, together with Leonardo DiCaprio and Salma Hayek’s, the cover star being Carlos Ponce.

Here are some images from the photo shoot, of a sweet and sexy Thalia:

During the interview for Cristina Saralegui’s show dedicated to “Las 25 bellezas de 1998”, Thalia shared some of her beauty secrets, drinking a lot of water, taking care of her hair, using creme and removing the make-up as soon as she could being among them. In her opinion, those things guaranteed staying beautiful for a long time. Looking at her now, she was definitely right!

Two years later, in 2000, Thalia was named, for the second time, one of the 25 most beautiful people. Next to Gloria Estefan, she represented the ladies on the cover of the magazine, this time with Juan Soler as the cover star.

2002 came and Thalia was one of the most 25 beautiful people of the year:


In 2003 it was finally time for Thalia to take over the cover of the magazine, this being her first time as the cover girl of “Las 25 bellezas”, while the issue had become the most popular one of the magazine.


Gracing this year’s cover is Mexican singing sensation and EMI international talent Thalia who will debut her first English-language self-titled album early this summer. “Thalia’s combined talents are a winning formula,” says Angelo Figueroa, former Managing Editor of People en Espanol. “Hispanic audiences have always loved her and I’m certain that the rest of the world will too.” source

On the red carpet, Thalia wore a Roberto Cavalli design, which she personalized to match her own style. She was excited to be on the cover of the magazine, but mostly thankful to the public, to the people, for choosing her.

The event organized in honor of the issue was one of the biggest ones of People en espanol to that moment, Thalia being one of the artists who performed that night. In between the songs, she thanked the public once again for choosing her and for supporting her throughout the years, and said that being on that list is a true distinction, as beauty is not only about the looks, it’s also about the look in your eyes, the honesty of a smile and the expression of the skin which gives itself up to everyone.

In the photos featured on the magazine, Thalia looked seductive in her red dress inside a luxury car.

In 2004 the magazine extended the list from 25 bellezas to 50 mas bellos, and in 2005 Thalia made it once again on it. On the website of People en Espanol, we can find this picture and a short text:

“My body: Eating lots of vegetables, having fish, seafood, chicken and a couple of times a week some meat. Drinking a lot of water and doing exercise.

No one knows: Entering a public bathroom is unpleasant, because I have to hold the door handles with my clothes or turn the water on with a Kleenex. I feel that by being in public places I breathe all those people, which are good, but there are also crazy people. That’s my greatest phobia.”


Two years later (2007), Thalia, then 35, had maybe one of the most stunning appearances on the magazine’s list, the black dress she wore for the photo shoot being quite memorable, as well as the other poses and looks.


On the site we find the following information:

Nationality: Mexican

She stands out for: being an actress, singer, business woman and having recently debuted as a radio host on the show “The Conexion Thalia Radio Show”.

Interesting fact: She’s happily married to Tommy Mottola and assures that this year she’s going to be a mother. “My relationship has always been sensational, with or without storms.”


One year later, in 2008, Thalia, mother for the first time, surprised everyone with her majestic look on that year’s issue of “Los 50 mas bellos”, in a photo shoot by Omar Cruz.

For the 7th time, Thalia decorates our list, and just like her husband, music mogul Tommy Mottola says, 6 months from having given birth to her little Sabrina Sake, the mexican singer “is more beautiful than ever”.


As we’re getting closer to the present, there’s only one year left to remember, 2010. In another photo shoot by Omar Cruz, Thalia went back to the past, her look reminding of her years as the Marias, while at the same time she remained Thalia the Beauty Queen.

“I don’t want glamour. I’m living the best time of my life, today I’m looking for the simple things.”


We’re back to where we started, an interview for Cristina’s show, with a much wiser Thalia, happy with who she is, a Thalia who values honesty and sincerity, who treats everyone as equal, listens to her heart and says the things just the way she sees them, without caring what anyone thinks about that.

This year Thalia has finally agreed to be on the group cover of the magazine, looking as gorgeous as always, while her arrival at the People en Espanol: Los 50 mas bellos Gala was one of the most expected ones. And it wasn’t for nothing! All the lights and eyes were on her and her incredibly sexy dress, Thalia proving that at 40 you can still look as beautiful and attractive as at 20, if not even more.

There’s a lot more that can be said about Thalia as one of People en Espanol’s “Los Mas Bellos”, there are lots of materials left to share and see, but unfortunately I couldn’t find more than what I’ve already shown you. If you have any scans or photos that you’d like to share, please do! 🙂

The reason I wrote this post is simple, I wanted to take a journey to the past and admire the way Thalia changed during the years, becoming more beautiful and elegant as time passed. I think that her good looks are just a reflection of her inner beauty, of the wonderful person she is, and that’s why over the years people (or People) kept choosing her as one of the 25 or 50 most beautiful people.

In the end I’d like to thank Ruthie at for allowing me to use her site as source for the most part of this post, as well as for the rest of the photos and the Youtube users who uploaded the videos. And of course, the People en Espanol magazine, for doing such an incredible job.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Journey to the past: throughout the years

Later edit: Well, this is a bit awkward. When the idea of writing this post came to me, I was afraid that someone will tell me “Oh, nice, but it’s already been done!” so now I feel like I’ve discovered something that had already been discovered much earlier… Turns out that Ruthie aka PlanetThalia already wrote a similar post a month ago (and boy, they are very similar, but I honestly had absolutely no idea of it) and you can find it here: La Historia de la Pagina Oficial de Thalia por She was even kind enough to tell me that mine’s much better than hers… Well, I don’t know about that… I can only say that “Great minds think alike.” 🙂 Thanks, Ruthie!

Also, thanks to everyone who read this post and shared it on Twitter/Facebook/websites and to those of you who gave me your opinion or thoughts on it, it really means a lot to me! To most of you I’ve brought back some good memories as I intended to and I’m happy to know that. 🙂

A couple of nights ago I accidentally found a time machine which gave me the possibility to visit the past versions of Thalia’s website,

You can’t imagine how excited I felt! For a fan like me, who has been around Thalia and her world for only the past two years, having the opportunity to explore her website from the (very) beginning and being able to enjoy the things that her fans back then could enjoy is incredibly awesome! I felt as if I had discovered the best “thalyfan” treasure ever!

I’ve decided to make a short presentation of what I found, for those of you who actually spent hours/days/months/years on these sites, I hope this will bring back some nice memories, and for those of you, who just like me, didn’t have the chance to do so, I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I did!

Well, my journey started with 2001, when Thalia’s site looked something like this:


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