Feliz Día Del Niño!

April 30 is El Día Del Niño (or Children’s Day) in Mexico.

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I want to wish Feliz Día Del Niño! to one of my favorite girls in the world, Sabrina Sakaë, and of course to her little brother or sister that will soon be born and whom she calls Yuyu. 😀 

Enjoy your childhood and always be happy, my sweet Saki!


Aaaaand, I can’t forget about my second favorite child in the world, that is Thalia’s inner child, who will be there no matter what and who still knows how to have fun! 🙂 Here are some few examples of how Thalia showed me that we should never forget to be children again from time to time and enjoy every little aspect of our lives just like we did when we were kids.

Happy Children’s Day to everyone!

“In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Dia de Thalia :)

Thalia – Latin Billboard awards 2011- Promo video

I remind you that Thalia is nominated in two categories,  Hot Latin Songs, Artista  del Año, Femenino and Top Latin Albums, Artista del Año, Femenino. 

thanks  for uploading the video on Youtube

Happy Easter! Paşte Fericit!

A Happy Easter to everyone! Hope you’ll spend wonderful moments with your loved ones and that you haven’t forgotten the true meaning of this special day. 🙂

I’d really like to know more about how you celebrate Easter in your country, if anyone of you wants to share this, please leave a comment!

Here’s a small part of our traditions which I absolutely love, the Easter eggs.

Day of Thalia/Dia de Thalia

Back in 1997, in Los Angeles, April 25 was declared the “Day of Thalia”.

This year as well, fans all over the world are invited to celebrate this day on Twitter, in a virtual party, and to participate using the hashtag ” #DiadeThalia” during one hour (only one hashtag per tweet!). Here is the specific hour, according to each Time zone:

Mexico – 12 PM (12:00)

Argentina – 2 PM (14:00)

Brazil – 2 PM (14:00)

Czech Republic – 7 PM (19:00)

Ecuador – 12 PM (12:00)

France – 7 PM (19:00)

Germany – 7 PM (19:00)

Greece – 8 PM (20:00)

Peru – 12 PM (12:00)

Philippines – 1 AM (01:00)

Romania – 8 PM (20:00)

Russia – 9 PM (21:00)

Slovakia – 7 PM (19:00)

Spain – 7 PM (19:00)

Turkey – 8 PM (20:00)

(If your country is not listed, just leave a comment with its name and I’ll have the list updated.)

That being said, join us on April 25 on Twitter, it’s gonna be great! 🙂 And of course, don’t forget to follow Thalia: twitter.com/Thalia (in case you haven’t already done that.)

The party is organized by Penny Arrioja with the support of Thalia’s official fan club, MDCThalia.

Thalia proudly shows off her baby bump

With only two months left until welcoming their new family member, Thalia and her husband Tommy Mottola have been seen smiling happily on the streets of New York. The singer is counting the days to see the face of her second child for the first time, not knowing yet whether it will be a boy or a girl, since she chose to keep that a secret up until the day the baby will be born. Until that moment comes, Thalia is spending time working on a new album, for which she counts with the collaboration of  Leonel García, as she has posted the news herself on Twitter.

(source. thanks Hola for the photo and the article)

Thalia trying out new hairstyles

I had so much fun a couple of days while reading Thalia‘s tweets. Somebody asked if she could upload a photo of her, which she actually did, but in a more original way. Take a look! 😀

I’d say she’d look just great with any of that hairstyles! But most of all, I loved what she tweeted in the end: “We have to laugh at ourselves! It makes life lighter!” 🙂

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