Habítame Siempre in the eyes of @thalia’s F.A.N.S

Photo by @Oldon_

It’s been 3 years since the amazing Primera Fila entered our lives and brought Thalia closer to us than ever, as she opened her heart through those intimate and sincere performances and made everyone fall in love all over again with her personality and her wonderful voice.

With only 14 days left until the release of her new album, Habítame Siempre, expected to be “the best album of her career”, Thalia caught everyone’s attention with her countdown and made us even more excited to listen to it with every day that went by.

Until the moment finally arrived…

… and we welcomed Habítame Siempre into our hearts ♥…

Today, one week later, a week during which we all had time to discover this magical album and listen to it over and over again, it’s time for us, her F.A.N.S, to share some of our thoughts and through them THANK Thalia for giving us this wonderful gift which I’m sure we’ll all treasure forever.

I’m extremely happy that @NuestraThalia@tsodicom@wondergonzesse@ElianaERM@irisjordao, @mexigreece@frantkthalia and @louie_xviii have joined me for this special post, thank you all for participating and for embracing this idea with so much enthusiasm. I hope you enjoy the final result as much as I do. 

PS: It’s going to be a LONG post, structured in MANY pages, to read them just navigate through them at the bottom of this post.


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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mariel
    Nov 26, 2012 @ 19:33:05

    ‘..if I consider it better than Primera Fila, since that one was Live ..’ , well HS is live too.. live from recording studio lol

    & Thalia always makes her song hers! She’s great doing covers hehe!! I remember before that I thought A quien le importa was hers but read on Wikipedia that it wasnt.. listened to youtube the original & it’s quite boring. Same with El proximo viernes, Espinoza Paz’s version is like a song sang by people who lives on countryside who always have guitars by their side & singing is the only main hobby (that’s forgivable since his genre is Regional Mex hehe)

    We have the same reaction on Dime si ahora. Few times I’ve listened to the song, I thought I’m listening to the wrong song… impatiently waiting for her duet partner, & as what I already says on my review.. he did not enter until almost 2 minutes lol Definitely you shouldnt dare to click that pause button or you wouldn’t get the song lol


  2. louie_xviii
    Dec 01, 2012 @ 19:52:12

    It’s always interesting to see which songs are loved by some, which songs are not loved as much by others. Nevertheless, it’s fascinating to see the reaction of so many, from different backgrounds, countries, and continents. Great job of compiling these, Ana Maria. Kudos.


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