Journey to the past: Thalia and pink

No, I’m not talking about P!nk (although I wish I were :D), but about Thalia’s history with pink, an idea that occurred to me thanks to her recent photo shoot for People en Espanol. Let’s get to it! 😀


I guess one of the first major things when it comes to Thalia’s history with pink goes all the way back to 1992, when she released her third studio album, Love, one of the tracks being “La vida en rosa”, a Spanish version of Edith Piaf’s classic, “La vie en rose”. She did a lot of televised performances of the song back then, all including what else if not pink outfits and pink sets (yes, you’re gonna read the word pink a lot!) Here are some of them:


Let’s go to 1999, when Thalia was Rosalinda in the telenovela with the same name (in Spanish, rosa means rose, but also pink – in case you didn’t know that hahaha) We would often (?) see Rosalinda wear a small pink rose at her ear, her make-up had pink tones and on stage, she would perform wearing sumptuous pink outfits.


She also performed the song on “Gala de la Hispanidad”, wearing, of course, pink 😀

Later on, in 2002 and 2003, Thalia wore pink more casually at events like the promo of her album “Thalia” (2002) in Spain or the launch of her Thalia Sodi Collection at Kmart, here are a couple of pics:


2002 Photo Gallery


Now, since I said that this post was inspired by Thalia’s “Ponte Bella” photo shoot, I also have to say that the idea not only came from the pink color, but also from Thalia’s impersonation of Barbie, which reminded me of the “Thalia” doll she did in one of her performances (in a pink box!) I for one prefer the latter 😀


But Thalia didn’t use pink only in her performances, we can also find it on the covers of some of her albums, like Mundo de Cristal (1991), Arrasando (2000) or El Sexto Sentido: Reloaded (2006).




Around the same years I mentioned above, she also used pink in her videos, some of them being “No me ensenaste” (2002), Cerca de ti (2003) and Ten paciencia (2009).
Oh, and I almost forgot, Ensename a vivir (2010)

Thalia’s also taken pink to the red carpet (especially recently), wearing beautiful dresses and even delicious cupcakes 😀


Promo “Un pacto entre los dos” (1990) Photo Gallery

“Lunada” Release Pary (2008)

Hugh Jackman

Hulaween Party (2010) Photo Gallery

Premios Cadena Dial (2013)

Well, this post turned into “Thalia and 50 shades of pink” hahaha of course there are more pink things I could have mentioned, but I think you got the point: pink has definitely been part of Thalia’s career throughout the years, whether we’re talking about her performances, her albums and videos, her outfits and make-up or her photo shoots. And it looks great on her!

Hope you liked this post, feel free to add more pink info if I’ve left out your favorite Thalia pink moments or leave suggestions of what my next “Journey to the past” post should be! (maybe “Thalia and red”? haha)

PS: pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink 😀

Thanks (and the Internet) for providing the pics used in this post.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mariel
    Jul 07, 2013 @ 17:11:44

    wow, this indeed a ‘journey to the past’! pink has been throughout her career.

    I already forgot her cupcake look, now because of this I remember it & it’s pink lol

    i think you forgot to include the other Lunada release party, i think its proper title should be press con since there are medias & she talked there (i’ll change that later). Other minor event is at a Madonna tour

    Oh!! And her radio shows first anniversary party , pink waist bow!! 😀

    pink pink pink pink pink!!!


    • anamariao7
      Jul 07, 2013 @ 17:26:58

      I had forgotten about mostly everything I mentioned in the post and re-discovered them as I was writing it (for example, pink in EAV video, how could I have forgotten about it? and the pic was laying in plain sight the whole time hahaha)

      I didn’t forget the other Lunada party / press release, but since I already talked about one of them I thought it was enough (don’t worry, I went through almost every one of you galleries when I did my research, so most things I left out intentionally, not because I forgot to talk about them :D)

      who’s the lady photo-bombing in the Madonna tour pic? LOL looks like Lili Estefan


  2. Carl
    Jul 07, 2013 @ 17:29:35

    This is a very good observation of how the color pink is very evident in her trajectory.. Awesome!


  3. Smaro
    Jul 07, 2013 @ 21:40:03

    love it!! geat work!!


  4. Edward
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 07:55:45

    You forgot to mention that back in the early 90s she also did a pink photoshoot, I can’t remember for what magazine it was but it was pink theme as well, she even colored her hair pink!!! I need to look for them so you can see.


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