Journey to the past: Thalia’s “First Single”s (Part 2)

We continue our journey of Thalia’s “first single”s, click here if you haven’t seen the first part of this post! In 2002, Thalia was releasing her second self-titled album and its first single… Continue reading

Journey to the past: Thalia’s “First Single”s (Part 1)

As Thalia is about to release her 13th studio album, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at her previous ones and see how her music evolved throughout the years… Continue reading

Laura Pausini shares new photos with Thalia

… and I am obsessed with them! Just look at this one, it cracks me up! And how they’re holding hands in this one, awwww ♥ They’re adorable and I love seeing them together!… Continue reading

Thalía – Por Lo Que Reste de Vida (Bachata Remix)

Despite having been released at the same time as the music video for PLQRDV, the Bachata Remix didn’t go unnoticed! It currently has over 20.000 views on Youtube and is rocking the Amazon… Continue reading

Tgag no. 20

When you find out that the best fansite about Thalia ever = is gone… …all that hard work of over 6 years, all those articles, all those HQ and Ultra HQ, rare and old… Continue reading